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JM Ocean Avenue is a joint venture between two multi-national direct sales companies, Ocean Avenue and JM International, creates opportunities for distributors and customers by expanding to 30 new markets in six continents. It offers a broad range of premium products in the nutritional supplement, personal care, and lifestyle categories.

Our mission is to help families create amazing life experiences with the people they love and care about the most.

The Founders of JM Ocean Avenue recognize the value of combining their strengths to create a powerful avenue for sharing the company’s core values of strengthening family, contributing to community and, ultimately, benefiting all humanity. They have established a global company that combines strong leadership, proven management practices, financial strength, and an extensive distribution network with a focused commitment to scientific research, product development, and customer support.

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Culture and Corporate Values

JM Ocean Avenue is more than just a company, it’s a lifestyle! Our Founders, Distributors and Employees are dedicated to our mission—to empower people and strengthen families through living a healthy active lifestyle; driven by world-class products and the opportunity to travel the globe.

Families are the building blocks of strong communities and a thriving society. JM Ocean Avenue provides technologically advanced products designed to help our family of distributors and customers achieve a healthy, active lifestyle and the opportunity to travel the world while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of independent business ownership. This culture of sharing opportunities to enrich lives is at the heart of everything we do, from our events to our community outreach programs.

Why JM Ocean Avenue

JM Ocean Avenue Culture


JM Ocean Avenue aims to create a business platform where people can start their own business through simple steps. Regardless of the individual’s educational background or current financial resources, everyone can join and realize their dreams of health, wealth, and personal freedom.

The business platform of JM Ocean Avenue provides its distributors with the opportunity for limitless success. The compensation plan and numerous other rewards ensure that, with hard work, distributors are guaranteed profit. JM Ocean Avenue has now expanded to almost every major city on the planet and distributors can enjoy the company’s full support around the clock.

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Every aspect of health is interconnected, so we take a holistic approach in creating products that support a healthy and full life. We offer innovative products that have been specifically designed by Biochemist Franco Cavaleri to interact with specific genes to support high physical and mental health. JM Ocean Avenue believes in restoring natural energy through science and technology in product development.

Our products can create a health promoting environment in your home by incorporating the unique elements found in Bama - a city in China where residents are noted to live unusually long and healthy lives with a high percentage of centenarians.

Each of our exclusive products complements each other to deliver improved health through three main channels:

Nutrition: The food you eat determines the health of each of the cells that run your body. Pure high-packed nutrition found in our Wav and Alphameta products promote a highly efficient and chemically balanced body.

Living: The environment you live in influences your health and longevity. Environmental factors such as pollution and harsh sunlight can alter your quality of life over time. Our JMS3 series introduces the health promoting elements found in Bama into your daily life. The natural energy sources found in Bama and these products promote pure body systems and support a long healthy life.

Care: The products you use to care for your personal needs can increase the confidence you feel each day. Our 2 Minute Miracle skin care and Angels Secret products are designed to make personal care simple, natural, and highly effective so that you can feel fresh and confident each day.

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